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Affinity Biosciences is a provider of antibodies and other tools for signal transduction research producing well validated phospho-specific antibodies, many of which have been used in multiple publications and many are unique phospho specific antibodies.


Good peptide design is essential for generating specific, selective, and reproducible antibodies and Affinity Biosciences has years of experience in selecting synthetic peptide haptens or recombinant proteins to produce antibodies that specifically target particular protein regions and isoforms with very high specificity.


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HIGHLIGHTED RESEARCH ARTICLE: Paper using the Afffinity Biosciences Phospho-SQSTM1 (Ser366) Antibody


"TBK1 Is a Synthetic Lethal Target in Cancer with VHL Loss" by Lianxin Hu et al, using the Afffinity Biosciences Phospho-SQSTM1 (Ser366) Antibody (Cat No: AF7374)

CANCER DISCOVERY (DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-19-0837).


This paper mentions that the researchers identified that TBK1 phosphorylates p62/SQSTM1 on Ser366, which is essential for stability and kidney cell proliferation, establishing that TBK1, distinct from its role in innate immune signalling is a synthetic lethal target in cancer with VHL loss.


Find details of our Phospho-SQSTM1 (Ser366) Antibody used in this work here.




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