Antibodies, stains and detection kits for immunohistochemistry (IHC) in pathology and research applications

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Optibodies from Nordic Biosite


Optimal Antibodies for Optimal Immunohistochemistry


Optibodies(TM) are a range of well tested, top quality antibodies for Immunohistochemistry.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) frequently necessitates the use of antibodies and techniques tailored to each individual project or diagnostic application. This means, there is no one specific protocol for IHC that can be used regularly.


From a clinical perspective, antibodies must be specific with high affinity towards their epitopes, whilst remaining flexible to use and offering good LOT consistency. Optibody antibodies are carefully optimised and fine-tuned for both research and clinical IHC.


Optibodies are optimised using NordiQC recommended control tissues and criteria.

Antibody optimisation for IHC involves a range of tests in order to find an antibodies optimal staining conditions. Each antigen has a preferred method of antigen retrieval such as Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) using acidic Citrate or TRIS-EDTA base buffers, as well as an enzymatic retrieval process. However the majority of antigens need an alkaline pre-treatment method for optimal staining. Additionally each antibody has an optimal concentration when used, depending on the affinity of paratope and epitope as well as the expression level of the antigen. Antibodies optimised with tissues that express high levels of antigen expression may prove inadequate when staining tissues with low antigen expression. For this reason it is necessary to optimise each antibody for a variety of tissue types.


This is the basis of Optibodies with each antibody optimised for each use.


Details of the full range of Optibodies antibodies are available on this link.


Neuroscience Antibodies


The ImmunoStar range of antibodies for neuroscience research are put through extensive testing before release to ensure both high quality and high titer. This provides excellent reliability and lot-to-lot consistency. The antibodies have also been specifically tested for use in immunohistochemistry.


This range of primary antibodies was originally provided by DiaSorin (formerly INCSTAR), but in 2001 the range became Immunostar. As these antibodies have been available for many years, there are multiple references citing their use.




Details of the full range of 60+ well referenced neuroscience antibodies are available on this link.


Ultra Sensitive Immunohistochemistry

Monosan IHC detection kits have been designed for the detection of antigens in fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections, frozen tissue sections and cytological samples.


The kits have been developed for use in combination with monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies and sera from mouse, rabbit, rat, and guinea pig


Monosan Plus AP Polymer Kitis are highly sensitive detection kits intended for use in immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry. The enzyme polymer in this kit consists of several molecules of secondary antibodies covalently bound to several molecules of alkaline phosphatase (AP). 


Visualisation occurs via an enzyme-substrate reaction in the presence of a colourising reagent which permits microscopical analysis. 


These kits provide very clear staining, but have been produced to be low cost, making them the perfect kit for all IHC staining - manual, automated, high sensitivity and every day use.


Monosan Plus kits are available to a wide range of primary antibody species including mouse, rabbit, goat, armenian hamster, guinea pig, chicken, sheep, rat specific (no cross reaction with mouse), and mouse specific (no cross reaction with rat) antibodies.


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