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Novel antibody for p75(NTR) research

Our p75NTR antibody (clone 8J2) to the extracellular domain of p75NTR (M-1818-100) is ideal for:

· In vivo targeting: retrograde tracing and receptor trafficking

· Flow cytometry, immunopanning, western blot, immuohistochemistry and more

· Most mammalian species, including human, mouse and rat

· Replacing clone MLR2


Comparison of clones 8J2 and MLR2


8J2 vs. MLR2


Top left and right images: Flow Cytometry analysis on human SHSY-5Y and rat C6 cell lines.


Above, Lower left image: Western blotting on human and rodent RIPA cell lysates: A: Mouse p75NTR-transfected cells. B: Non-transfected control cells. C: Human SH-SY5Y. D: Rat C6.


Above, Lower right image: Immunoprecipitation from rat C6 cells with clones 8J2 and MLR2. A: Precipitated p75NTR. B: Remaining supernatant. C: Protein G agarose only control.


Immunocytochemistry Comparison of clones 8J2 and MLR2


Images above: Analysis of p75NTR expression in non-permeabilized rat C6 cells by Immunocytochemistry. Both antibodies reveal punctuate membrane staining of p75NTR receptor. Magnification: 100x.