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Biosensis Rapid™ 2 for 1 Promotion

Buy 2 plates (a 2-plate kit or two 1-plate kits) from this link Biosensis Rapid TM kits

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Why choose the Biosensis RapidTM ELISA Kits?


Biosensis has developed an excellent range of assays that target potential biomarkers, such as BDNF (psychiatric disorders), proNGF (cancer), p75/NGFR (Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS) as well as kits for proBDNF, NGF, NT3, NT4/5, GDNF and LR3 IGF-1.


These kits allow assays to be performed in less than 4 hours without losing accuracy, specificity and sensitivity. They can also be used on a variety sample types (blood, urine, cell culture, tissue extracts) and have been shown to outperform similar kits currently available on the market.


For a comparative study, please see Polacchini et al., 2015


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Rapid ELISA Kit Tutorial Video:



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