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Highlighted Antibody - Melan A Clone BS52

Melan A (MART-1) is a transmembrane protein which is expressed in skin melanocytes and melanocyte lineages, and is ecognised by autologous cytotoxic T lymphocytes.


This antibody is useful for the identification of melanomas and it should be included in standard melanoma diagnostic panels. It does not cross react with cells of adrenal cortex.





• The specificity and stain intensity is top quality.


• Clone BS52 does not stain adrenal gland.


• Easier to optimise than other MELAN A Antibodies.


• This antibody truly provides optimal staining and as with all our antibodies we provide a 100% guarantee, so trying it really is risk free.



Suggested Protocol after paraffin removal and rehydration:


1. Pretreatment: HIER pH9

2. Wash (TBS-Tween)

3. Primary antibody: Melan A 1:100 – 1:400, 30 min.

4. Wash

5. 3% H2O2, 10 min 

6. Wash

7. HRP One-Step Polymer, 30 min

8. Wash

9. DAB high contrast Kit, 10 min

10. Aqua

11. CuSO4 -post enhancement, 5 min

12. Aqua

13. Counter staining in diluted Mayer, 1 min

14. Bluing, 7 min in tap water

15. Dehydration, clearing and mounting


Optibodies™ are mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies that have been developed specifically for use in immunohistochemistry to have high affinity and high specificity to their target antigens, give a high signal to noise ratio and can be used to achieve an intensive and specific staining.


Anti-Melan A (Clone BS52)  Anti-Melan-Datasheet


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Optimal results for Optibodies™ in External QC assessments!


In recent quality assessments by External QC service providers, optimal staining results were obtained for EIGHT different Optibodies clones:

CK5 - Cytokeratin 5 (Clone BSR55)

Cytokeratin - Pan (Clone BS5)

EpCAM - Epithelial cell-cell adhesion molecule (Clone BS14)

HER2 - IHC (Clone BSR44)

MLA - Melan A (Clone BS52)

Napsin A (Clone BS10)

PDL-1 - Programmed Death Ligand 1 (Clone BSR90)

SOX10 - Transcription factor SOX-10 (Clone BS7)


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