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Jan - March 2021 Agrisera Antibody Promotions

15% off Agrisera loading controls antibodies


Discount code: Loading15  - Valid until 31st March 2021


AS13 2640   Anti-ACT | Actin (polyclonal antibody)

AS16 4111   Anti-Actin (monoclonal antibody)

AS16 4111S   Anti-ACT | Actin (protein)

AS03 030   Anti-AtpB | ATP synthase Beta subunit (chloroplast + mitochondrial) (ckn)

AS05 085   Anti-AtpB | ATP synthase Beta subunit (chloroplast + mitochondrial) (rabbit)

AS16 3976   Anti-AtpB | Beta subunit of ATP synthase, mitochondrial

AS07 217   Anti-FtsZ | Procaryotic cell division GTPase (cyanobacterial)

AS15 2894   Anti-GAPC1/2 | Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

AS13 2727   Anti-GAPC2 | Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

AS15 2855   Anti-H3 | Histone H3 (chicken antibody)

AS10 710   Anti-H3 | Histone H3 (rabbit antibody) (nuclear marker)

AS10 710A   Anti-H3 | Histone H3 (affinity purified)

AS10 710-ALP   Anti-H3 | Histone H3, ALP-conjugated (40 µg)

AS10 710-HRP   Anti-H3 | Histone H3, HRP-conjugated (40 µg)

AS06 142-33   Anti-PsbO | 33 kDa of the OEC of PSII

AS08 305   Anti-PsbP | 23 kDa protein of the OEC of PSII

AS06 142-23   Anti-PsbP | 23 kDa protein of the OEC of PSII

AS10 700   Anti-RA | Rubisco activase

AS01 017  Anti-RbcL | Rubisco large subunit, form I (chicken)

AS03 037  Anti-RbcL | Rubisco large subunit, form I (rabbit)

AS15 2832A  Anti-RPN6 | 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 9

AS10 680  Anti-Tubulin alpha chain (polyclonal antibodies)

AS10 681   Anti-Tubulin beta chain





20% off Agrisera Secondary Antibodies


Discount code: Sec20  - Valid until 30th June 2021


AS09 602   Goat anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS09 604   Donkey anti-Sheep IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS09 605   Rabbit anti-Goat IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS10 1187   Goat anti-Rat IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS10 1420   Goat anti-Llama IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS10 1489   Rabbit anti-Chicken IgY (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS10 653   Goat anti-Guinea pig IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS10 764   Goat anti-Human IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS11 1772   Goat anti-Mouse IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS16 3253   Rabbit anti-Bovine IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS16 3281   Goat anti-Donkey IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated

AS16 3303   Goat anti-Hamster IgG (H&L), HRP conjugated




20% off Agrisera anti-tag antibodies


Discount code: Tag2021 - Valid until the end of 2021


AS09 580   Anti-aadA1 | Aminoglycoside adenyltransferase (chloroplast transformation)

AS09 601   Anti-c-Myc (polyclonal)

AS20 4454   Anti-c-myc (monoclonal, Clone 9E10)

AS15 2871   Anti-DYKDDDDK (binds to Sigma FLAG®, clone FG4R)

AS20 4379   Anti-DYKDDDDK (chicken antibody, polyclonal)

AS15 2987   Anti-GFP | Green Fluorescence Protein (affinity purified)

AS20 4485   Anti-BFP, GFP, YFP | Fluorescence Protein, clone 3A6

AS15 2861   Anti-GST-tag (mouse monoclonal, clone GST.B6)

AS17 4147   Anti-GST-tag (rabbit antibody, polyclonal)

AS16 3689   Anti-GUS | Beta-glucuronidase

AS20 4453   Anti-HA-tag (monoclonal, Clone 12CA5)

AS19 4255   Anti-His-tag | 6xHis (polyclonal)

AS20 4457   Anti-His-tag | 6xHis (monoclonal, Clone 2C5.1)

AS16 3691A   Anti-LUC | Luciferase (firefly) (affinity purified)



Please use discount codes Loading15, Sec20 and/or Tag2021 on your PO to have the corresponding discounts applied. These discounts can be used together.


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