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NEW: The NS Reagents range

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Our NS Reagents range includes:




Neuroscience, DNA Damage Repair & Methylation are the areas we are starting with for our antibodies, but we have antibodies for other research areas in development, which we will release on this page as soon as they are ready.



Molecular Biology Reagents 


Our molecular biology range includes some pretty cool DNA ladders (see below). OK yes, they are just DNA ladders, but they are pretty cool, as they are very stable, have bolder key reference bands to make them easier to read, and the price is definitely cool too, so we hope you will like them. We also plan to add more products to our Molecular Biology range, which again we will launch on this page when they are ready.



NS Reagents


If you have questions about any of our products you can contact us using the details on our contact link above.


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