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News: Affinity Biosciences - The phospho-antibody specialist

Affinity Biosciences - The phospho-antibody specialist


Affinity Biosciences is a provider of antibodies and other tools for signal transduction research producing well validated phospho-specific antibodies, many of which have been used in multiple publications and many are unique phospho specific antibodies.


A focus on peptide design is essential for generating specific, selective, and reproducible antibodies. Affinity Biosciences has years of experience in selecting synthetic peptide haptens or recombinant proteins to produce antibodies that target particular protein regions and isoforms with very high specificity.


Use our search to find your antibody (e.g. Ser724, IRE1 or Phospho-IRE1 etc), or read on for more information on how Affinity Biosciences produce their highly specific phospho-antibodies.


Well validated phospho-specific antibodies

Validation is important for any antibody, but for Phospho-specific antibodies it is even more important as specificity is absolutely key to their usefulness.


Affinity Biosciences antibody validation begins with Mass Spec (MS) analysis of the blocking peptide to ensure the peptide has been produced correctly, followed by checking that the peptide blocks the antibody well in Western blotting with research samples showing that the antibody corresponds correctly to the blocking peptide.


DATASHEET IMAGES: Images of Western blots are provided on the datasheets showing blocking and control lanes (without the peptide) to show binding of the target along with images of other applications such as Immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence etc as appropriate.


As an example, below are validation details of our Phospho-IRE1 (Ser724) Antibody.


Western Blot, IHC, Immunofluorescence and ELISA for Anti Phospho-IRE1 (Ser724).


pIRE1 WB pIRE1 IHC  pIRE1 Immunofluorescence pIRE1 ELISA

Full image details are here on the datasheet link: Phospho-IRE1 (Ser724) - AF7150


Affinity also produce more than 500 inhibitors and SiRNAs.


Additionally all affinity products are covered by our 100% antibody guarantee, so you try them risk free! We know they work well, but we understand you may be sceptical having tried other phospho-antibodies in the past, so now you can try them without worrying.



Other Highlighted Antibodies:


Anti-Phospho-ERK1/2 Antibody (Thr202/Tyr204) - AF1015

29 Citations (See the citations that are listed on CiteAb)


Anti-Phospho-Akt Antibody (Ser473) - AF0016

28 Citations


Phospho-mTOR Antibody (Ser2448) - AF3308

14 Citations 


Phospho-p70 S6 Kinase Antibody (Thr389/412) - AF3228

9 Citations


Use our search at the top of the page to find your antibody

(e.g. Ser724, IRE1 or Phospho-IRE1 etc).


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