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NEWS: Antibodies for Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterised by the aggregation of beta‐amyloid (amyloid β or Aβ) in extracellular plaques and hyperphosphorylated tau protein in intracellular neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs), however many other proteins have also been associated with Alzheimer’s disease pathology.


Newmarket Scientific provides antibodies to a large number of Alzheimer’s disease associated proteins and we continually monitor the latest publications in this area with the aim of identifying new and emerging potential targets to develop antibodies to, allowing us to better serve those at the forefront of Alzheimer’s disease research.


Below is the list of Alzheimer’s disease targets we cover with our antibodies along with links to more detailed information. If you are looking for an antibody to a specific target that isn't listed, please email us as it is likely that either we have it in production or if not we will be happy to add it to our antibody development list.


Amyloid beta and phospho amyloid beta Antibodies and ELISA kit

Biosensis M-1586 aa 1-42 Hu |Rt WB|IHC|IP |IF
Biosensis R-959-100 aa 1-14 Hu E
Agrisera AS08 328 Peptide Hu WB|IHC|E|Dot
Agrisera AS08 329 Peptide Hu Dot|E
Agrisera AS08 357 Peptide Hu WB|E|Dot
Agrisera AS10 932 Peptide Hu WB|E|Dot
Agrisera AS13 2715

aa 3-10

oligomer specific

Hu Dot|E|IHC
Agrisera AS13 2716

aa 3-10

oligomer specific

Hu Dot|E|IHC
Agrisera AS19 4308 aa 18-30 Hu Dot|E
Agrisera AS19 4309 aa 1-11 Hu Dot|E
Agrisera AS19 4310 aa 1-11 Hu Dot|E
Biosensis BEK-2215 Oligomer ELISA Hu E


ApoE (Apolipoprotein E) Antibodies and ELISA kit

Biosensis G-1784-100 Full length Hu E
Affinity AF5178 Internal region Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity BF0404 Prtn fragment Hu WB|IHC|IF|E|FC
Affinity DF4797 Internal region Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF/ICC,E
Biosensis BEK-2224 ELISA Kit Hu E


APP (Amyloid precursor protein) and phospho-APP Antibodies

Biosensis R-070-100 Peptides Rt IHC
Biosensis R-071-100 aa 44-62 (Ms) Rt IHC
Affinity AF7687 C-terminal  Hu|Ms|Rt WB
Affinity DF6012 N-termina Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF
Affinity DF7218 C-terminal
Affinity AF6084 C-terminal Hu/Ms/Rt WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Thr743/668) AF3084 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF
Affinity (Thr729) AF8461 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF
Affinity (Thr757) AF7187 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC


ACE (Angiotensin converting enzyme) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10096 Central region Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity AF5197 Peptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Biosensis BEK-2111 ELISA KIT Hu E


BACE Antibodies

Affinity DF7594 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|E
Affinity DF7939 C-terminal Hu WB|E
Affinity (Ser498) AF8003 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E


BIN1 (Bridging INtegrator 1) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10095 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF
Biosensis M-969-100 aa 189-398 Hu|Ms|Rt|Ck|Pg WB|IHC


CD2AP (CD2-associated protein) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10100 Central region Hu WB
Affinity DF2298 Peptide Hu|Ms WB|E


CDK5 (Cyclin-dependent-like kinase 5) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB20-10126 N-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt|Mk WB|IHC|IF
Affinity AF6371 N-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt|Mk WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity BF0121 Prtn fragment Hu|Ms|Rt|Mk WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Tyr15) AF3371 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt|Mk WB|IF
Affinity (Ser159) AF8366 Phosphopeptide Hu|Rt|Mk WB|IHC|IF|E|FC


CYP46A1/Cytochrome P450 46A1 Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10097 N-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Biosensis M-821-100 aa 201-300 Hu WB|E
Affinity DF8926 peptide Hu|Ms EB|E


DKK1/Dickkopf WNT signaling pathway inhibitor 1 Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10101 Full length Hu|Ms WB
Affinity AF4600 Peptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity BF0699 Prtn fragment Hu WB|E
Affinity (Ser140) AF4300 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms WB


Antibodies to EAAT2 Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10103 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt IHC
Affinity DF8535 Central region Hu|Ms|Rt WB


GPHN/Gephyrin Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10098 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF
Affinity DF9531 Central region HU|MS WB|IHC|E


Antibodies to Histone deacetylase 6 Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10114 recombinant protein Hu|Ms IHC|IF
Affinity AF0594 N-terminal Hu|Ms WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity AF5359 C-terminal Hu|Ms WB|IHC|E
Affinity DF6582 N-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Ser22) AF3485 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms WB|IHC|IF|E


IBA1/AIF-1 Antibodies

Optibodies - Nordic Biosite BSH-3021 Full length Hu IHC
Biosensis R-1820-50 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF
Affinity DF6442 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity DF7214 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity DF7552 C-terminal Hu|Rt WB|IHC|E


KIF5A/Kinesin heavy chain isoform 5A Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10081 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
NS Reagents AB19-10082 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt IHC


Lipocalin 2 Antibodies

NS Reagents AB20-10130 Full length Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF
NS Reagents AB20-10131 Peptide Hu|Ms WB|IHC
NS Reagents AB20-10132 Peptide Hu WB|IHC
Affinity DF6816 Peptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity DF7232 Peptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Biosensis BEK-2141 ELISA Kit Hu E


Nicastrin Antibodies

Biosensis R-1684-500 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IP
Biosensis R-1685-500 Central region Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IP
Biosensis R-1686-500 N-terminal Hu|Ms WB|IP
Affinity DF6242 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E


OLIG2/Oligodendrocyte transcription factor Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10080 N-terminal Hu|Ms W|IHC
Affinity DF8004 Central region Hu WB|E


PEN2 (gamma-secretase subunit PEN-2) Antibodies

Agrisera AS06 154 N-terminal Hu|Ms WB


PSEN1 (Presenilin 1) Antibodies

Biosensis C-1534-500 aa 311-322 and aa 341-352 Hu|Ms|Rt WB|E
Biosensis R-1605-500 aa 1-20 Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF
Biosensis R-1680-500 aa 301-317 (loop) Hu|Ms WB
Affinity AF0245 Internal region Hu|Ms WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity DF6910 Internal region Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Ser353) AF8304 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF|E


PSEN2 (Presenilin 2) Antibodies

Biosensis C-1535-500 aa 319-330 and aa 349-360 Hu|Ms|Rt WB|E
Biosensis R-1479-100 aa 319-334 Hu|Rt|Ms (pred.) WB|IHC
Biosensis R-1681-500 aa 306-334 (loop) Hu|Ms WB|ICC
Affinity AF0245 Internal region Hu|Ms |Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser199) AF8093 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB


SFPQ (Splicing factor, proline-glutamine-rich) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB18-10072 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF
Affinity DF12317 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF|E


Tau (MAPT/Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau) Antibodies

Biosensis C-1691-100 Full length Hu|Ms|Rt WB|ICC
Biosensis M-1703-100 Full length Hu WB|ICC
Biosensis M-960-100 Full length Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity DF6244 C-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|E
Affinity AF6141 Internal region Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Ser199) AF2418 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser202) AF2419 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser214) AF3141 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser235) AF3142 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser262) AF3151 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Ser356) AF3143 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Ser396) AF3148 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Ser404) AF3144 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser416) AF2420 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser422) AF3145 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Thr181) AF3149 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Thr205) AF3150 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Thr212) AF3146 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity (Thr231) AF3147 Phosphopeptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|E


TDP43 (TAR DNA-binding protein 43) Antibodies

NS Reagents AX17-10010 C-terminal Hu WB|IHC|IF|E
NS Reagents AB18-10049 N-terminal Hu | Ms | Rt WB|IHC|IF|IP
Biosensis M-1403 Full length Hu | Rt WB|IHC|IF
Affinity (Ser209) AF7365 Phosphopeptide Hu | Ms | Rt WB|IHC|E
Affinity AF7865 C-terminal Hu | Ms | Rt WB|E
Affinity DF2968 C-terminal Hu | Ms | Rt WB|E
Affinity DF6317 C-terminal Hu | Ms | Rt WB|IHC|E


Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) Antibodies

ImmunoStar 22942 Full length Hu|Ms|Rt IHC|IF
Biosensis M-1616-100 Full length Hu|Ms WB|IHC|IP|FC
Biosensis R-118-100 aa 63-78 Hu|Rt|Ms IHC|IF
Biosensis R-148-50 aa 32-47 Hu|Rt|Ms IHC|WB
Biosensis R-1645-500 aa 63-78 Hu|Rt|Ms IHC
Affinity AF6113 Full length Hu|Rt|Ms WB|IHC
Affinity (Ser19) AF3112 Phosphopeptide Hu|Rt|Ms WB|IHC|IF
Affinity (Ser19) AF3115 Phosphopeptide Hu|Rt|Ms WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Ser31) AF3113 Phosphopeptide Hu|Rt|Ms WB|IHC|IF|E
Affinity (Ser40) AF3114 Phosphopeptide Hu|Rt|Ms WB|IHC|IF|E


TREM2 (Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2) Antibodies

Biosensis BEK-2339 ELISA Kit Hu E


USP10 (Ubiquitin-specific protease 10) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10115 C-terminal Hu|Ms WB|IF
Affinity DF8061 N-terminal Hu|Ms|Rt WB|E


YWHAQ (14-3-3 protein theta) Antibodies

NS Reagents AB19-10102 Full length Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IHC
Affinity DF3494 Peptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF
Affinity DF7016 Peptide Hu|Ms|Rt WB|IF|E



Looking for an antibody not listed? Let us know.