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NEWS: Quickly concentrate EV samples with TFF-Easy

HansaBioMed's TFF-Easy concentrator can be used to concentrate extracellular vesicles (EVs) and remove small proteins from diluted matrices such as cell conditioned media, urine or blood samples prior to EV purification or dialysis.


The TFF-Easy concentrator is a filter cartridge made from polysulfone hollow fibres with 20 nm pores that uses constant agitation parallel to the porous membrane to allow the gentle filtration of the EVs whilst avoiding clogging issues. The EV protocol is simple and fast, providing a high recovery rate and it does not require any special equipment, making the TFF-Easy concentrator an essential tool for any exosome and microvesicle researchers.


To use it, just insert a syringe containing the sample at one end of the cartridge and a clean empty syringe at the other end. Then, simply push the two syringes alternately to start the concentration process until the desired volume has been obtained. Water and small molecules (<20 nm) pass through the hollow fibre pores and are collected in the waste bag. The extracellular vesicles remain in the concentrator and are easily recovered by flushing the cartridge with a small volume of air. Download the protocol or watch the video below for further information.


Click here to view the protocol. Questions? Email us at


Watch the video


Why use TFF-Easy?

- Compatible with any sample types

- Volume range: 5ml to 1000ml

- 3 times faster than conventional spin concentrators

- No clogging of the membrane

- High EV recovery rate >80%

- Low variability between samples

- Reusable multiple times


Comparison between TFF-Easy and MWCO spin concentrator

When compared with the MWCO spin concentrator in an ELISA assay assessing the expression of CD81 in LnCAP CCM, TTF-Easy showed better performance and low variability between samples as seen in the graph below.

TFF-Easy Comparison

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