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NEWS: Tumour-derived RNA and DNA purification

Exosomics - Solutions for extracellular vesicle  isolation

SeleCTEV-DNA and SoRTEV-RNA for tumour derived DNA and RNA purification


Current liquid biopsy methods generally isolate total nucleic acids from blood but with only low levels of tumour-derived RNA and DNA. However the Exosomics SeleCTEV-DNA and SoRTEV-RNA kits allow the isolation of tumour-derived genetic material without the need for special equipment, such as ultracentrifugation or chromatography. Using unique proprietary affinity methods these kits selectively purify tumour-derived extracellular vesicles and exosomes from which RNA and DNA can then be extracted.


Purification of tumour-originating nucleic acids from tumour enriched EVs and exosomes


SoRTEV™ EV-RNA Low Volume (24 rxns)

This kit allows the purification of tumour derived RNA from tumour enriched exosomes in biofluids and includes a user-friendly protocol for RNA purification. The exosome purification is based on immune-affinity beads coated with proprietary antibodies against exosome surface antigens.



SeleCTEV™ EV-DNA Low Volume (24rxn)

This kit allows the purification of both circulating free DNA (cfDNA) and tumour-derived exosome DNA from plasma and/or serum with a starting volume of 0.5 to 2ml. The purification is based on Exosomics proprietary peptide affinity method and this kit includes a user-friendly protocol for DNA purification.