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NEWS: Why choose a Biosensis sheep α-synuclein antibody

Our Biosensis sheep anti alpha-synuclein antibodies offers a number of important advantages over other α-synuclein antibodies:


• Validated for Western blotting (A), Flow cytometry (B), Immunocytochemistry (C) and Immunohistochemistry (D).


• Perfect choice for rodent (and human!) studies: avoid cross-reactivity and background issues that might occur with mouse monoclonals.


• Optimal partner for mouse and rabbit antibodies: maximum flexibility for multi-labelling experiments.


• Long-lasting supply – no need to continuously re-validate for your application: sheep produce up to 30X more serum than rabbits, which reduces inherent polyclonal antibody lot-to-lot variability significantly.


• Choice of anti-sheep and anti-goat secondary antibodies: sheep and goat are very close relatives (use anti-goat antibodies already in your freezer!).



Biosensis alpha-synuclein ELISA Kit


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