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StressMarq antibodies cover many research areas and come in 17 different fluorescent/enzyme conjugates. Highlighted antibodies are featured below, but we have many more so use the search box above to find your specific antibody.


NEW: Anti-Cell Membrane HSP70

This antibody is unique from other commercially available antibodies because it can bind to the extracellular region of cell membrane embedded HSP70 protein, allowing researchers to differentiate between intracellular and cell membrane embedded HSP70 across cancer cell types.


Stressmarq   antibodies

Visit the StressMarq blog for more information and to watch our video explaining the importance of cell membrane HSP70 detection.



Our Anti-ERK1/2 polyclonal antibody (Cat. No. SPC-120) was independently validated by Antibody Resource for use in western blot on human breast adenocarcinoma (MCF7 cell line) whole cell lysate and mouse embryonic fibroblast (NIH3T3 cell line) whole cell lysate at a dilution of 1:5000, with bands detected at the expected molecular weight of 38-43 kDa.


Read the full ERK1 antibody comparison report (PDF) prepared by



Anti-Aquaporin 1

Anti-ENaC Beta

Anti-Aquaporin 4

Anti-Cav beta 1

Anti-PSD95, 6G6


Anti-Amyloid Oligomers (A11)

Anti-Nitrotyrosine, 39B6


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