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Two New Optibodies™ Antibodies for IHC CD44 and CD45

We are happy to announce the release of two more members of the Optibodiesportfolio:

Anti-CD44 (clone BSR23) and Anti-CD45 (Clone BS65).


Optibodies ™ are mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies that have been developed specifically for use in immunohistochemistry to have high affinity and high specificity to their target antigens, give a high signal to noise ratio and can be used to achieve an intensive and specific staining.


Anti-CD44 (Clone BSR23)  Anti-CD45 (Clone BS65)


As for all Optibodies these two clones have been specifically selected to provide truly optimal staining. If not they would not have been added to the range!


Please visit our optibodies page and follow the individual product links for more information about the full optibodies range.


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