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ImmunoStar 24333 25 ug £99.00
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Product Detail: 5-HT (Serotonin) 2A Receptor Peptide Control
Background Info: The ImmunoStar peptide control for 5-HT2A Receptor is intended for the immuno-adsorption of 5-HT2A Receptor antiserum, catalog number 24288. Pre-adsorption of 5-HT2A Receptor antiserum, diluted according to the antibody specification sheet, with 5 µg/ml 5-HT2A Receptor peptide immunogen following the instructions below provides complete blockage of 5-HT2A Receptor immunolabeling. The peptide is provided as 25 µg of lyophilized rat 5-HT2A Receptor, sequence 22-41. Also, this antiserum contains 0.09% sodium azide. Please read the instructions carefully before beginning the procedure.
Product Type: Peptide
Format: Lyophilised
Applications: Control
Additional Info: The Peptide Control: rat 5-HT2A Receptor, sequence 22-41.