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ImmunoStar 20067 100 uL £323.00
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Product Detail: Somatostatin Antibody
Background Info: Raised to somatostatin coupled to KLH with carbodiimide .
Product Type: Antibody - Antibodies
Antibody Type: polyclonal
Format: Lyophilised
Host Animal: Rabbit
Species Reactivity: Alligator, Anuran (Frog), Bat, Bird , Bubalus Bubalis (Buffalo), Bullfrog, Cat, Chick, Chicken, Dermophis Mexicanus Mexican Caecilian (Amphibian ), Dog, Duck, Fish, Fowl, Frog (Xenopus Laevis), Guinea Pig, Hamster, Human, Lizard, Malayan Pangolin (Sunda Pangolin), Manducta Sexta (Moth), Monkey, Mouse, Pig, Pigeon, Quail, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rat, Scorpaena Porcus (Fish), Sea Bass (Fish), Sheep, Snail, Snake, Sparus Aurata (Fish), Starfish, Sting Ray, Turtle, Zebrafish
Immunogen: Somatostatin
Applications: Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence
Additional Info: The antibody has a proven strong indirect immunofluorescent staining at a 1/400-1/800 dilution and strong Biotin-Streptavidin/HRP staining at a 1/1000-1/2000 dilution in rat hypothalamus (median eminence). The specificity of the antiserum was examined by soluble pre-adsorption with the peptides in question at a final concentration of 106M. Somatostatin immunolabeling was completely abolished by pre-adsorption with somatostatin, somatostatin 25, and somatostatin 28. Pre-adsorption with the following peptides resulted in no reduction of immunostaining: substance P, amylin, glucagon, insulin, neuropeptide Y, and VIP.
Gene Symbol: SSTR5
NCBI Gene Aliases: SS-5-
PubMed IDs: 22090502, 21753013, 21618219, 18945911, 18589406, 16958085, 12111539, 11145532, 6187783, 2446708
Product category: Apotosis, Cancer, Dementia, Dementia (aging), Diabetes, DNA, Huntington's, Parathyroid, Stem Cell, Signal Transduction, Transcription Factor, Tumor Markers, Ulcerative Colitis, Viral,