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CalRexin™ Imaging reagents for Apoptosis detection

Apop Biosciences provides CalRexin™, a suite of proprietary imaging reagents that are designed for imaging stressed, dying and apoptotic cells. CalRexin™ target the calcitonin receptor, a novel marker of Programmed Cell Death (PCD). It is a powerful addition to the PCD toolkit, that can easily be integrated into existing workflows.


CalRexin™ (RUO) can be utilised for live cell assays, on their own or multiplexed alongside other imaging reagents or antibodies to study pre-apoptotic stress and events leading to apoptosis. Unlike alternatives, they are stable without the spectre of false positives.


CalRexin™ is available conjugated to a range of fluorophores including:








• Simple to use

• High sensitivity, detect sub-populations in FACS of dying cells

• Enhanced stability (> 1 yr)

• Multiple applications (FACS, Operetta, confocal microscopy)

• Calcium independence for assays

• No false positives vs Annexin


Confocal microscopy image: CalRexin™:568 accumulating in dying cells.


Image showing CalRexin™:568 accumulating in dying cells as seen with confocal microscopy..


• MG63 cancer cells treated with a cytotoxin.

• Green cells express tubulin and are intact living cells that exclude CalRexin™:568.

• Red cells are dying, tubulin is degraded and CalRexin™:568 accumulates.


Image taken from: Furness, S., Hare, D., Kourakis, A. et al. A novel ligand of calcitonin receptor reveals a potential new sensor that modulates programmed cell death. Cell Death Discovery 2, 16062 (2016).


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