Newmarket Scientific Brands

Newmarket Scientific represents manufacturers of Illumina compatible NGS library prep kits, primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, assay kits, exosome research products, flow cytometry antibodies, immunohistochemistry reagents, PCR enzymes, food & feed safety testing products and diagnostics.


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Agrisera Antibodies for plant research and animal cell biology
Bioo Scientific Molecular biology reagents, cytokine assays, antibodies and food & feed safety products
Biosensis Antibodies, kits and reagents for neuroscience research
Caprico Biotechnologies Fluorescently labelled antibodies for flow cytometry in research and clinical applications
Exosomics Isolation and enrichment of tumour-originated extracellular vesicles and exosomes
HansaBioMed Essential tools for researchers in the field of exosome research
ImmunoReagents Inc Secondary antibodies to a large many species with HRP, AP and fluorescent conjugates
ImmunoStar Extensively published antibodies for neuroscience research
MONOSAN Antibodies for cancer research and multi drug resistance (MDR)
NS Reagents (Newmarket Scientific Brand) Antibodies and Molecular Biology Reagents
Optibodies - Nordic BioSite Optimised and well tested antibodies for Immunohistochemistry
Solis BioDyne PCR, qPCR and RT master mixes
StressMarq Biosciences Antibodies, proteins, small molecules & kits for heat shock, neuroscience and cancer research