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We are pleased to announce that 2BScientific Limited have completed the asset purchase of Newmarket Scientific Limited, which is effective from today 24th May 2024.


2BScientific Limited are tremendously excited at the opportunity to both welcome Newmarket Scientific Limited, to the 2BScientific Limited family, and help bring additional value to all our customers.


All Newmarket Scientific Limited products will be available on the 2BScientific Limited website, along with relevant pricing and ordering information. Their experienced team of Key Account Managers and Product Managers look forward to working with you.


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For all future enquiries or orders you will need to contact 2BScientific Limited:


Telephone: +44 (0)1869 238033

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Company Headquarters:

Office 4, Building A

Kirtlington Business Centre




Antibodies for plant research and animal cell biology
Apop Biosciences
CalRexin™ Imaging reagents for Apoptosis detection
Antibodies and ELISA Kits with a focus on kidney damage and immunology
Antibodies, kits and reagents for neuroscience research
Mouse and Rabbit monoclonal antibodies for clinical diagnostic immunohistochemistry
Essential tools for researchers in the field of exosome research
ImmunoReagents Inc
Secondary antibodies to a large many species with HRP, AP and fluorescent conjugates
Extensively published antibodies for neuroscience research
Antibodies for cancer research and multi drug resistance (MDR)
Optibodies - Nordic BioSite
Optimised and well tested antibodies for clinical diagnostic immunohistochemistry
Vitality Stem Cells
Stem cells from adipose tissue, placenta, umbilical cord, endometrium and bone marrow and Dermal Fibroblasts
Zeta Corporation
CE-IVD and UKCA marked antibodies for Pathology/IHC