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Optimised and well tested antibodies for Immunohistochemistry

Optibodies from Nordic Biosite


You have most likely been using antibodies in Immunohistochemistry for some time and maybe you are getting good results, but Optibodies are on another level.


In producing the Optibodies range we ensure that every antibody provides beautifully optimised staining. This is the key aim of the Optibodies range and any antibody that does not perform to this standard simply does not make it in to the range.


Optibody™ optimisation involves a great number of tests in order to find the optimal staining conditions.


Antigen Retrieval

Each antigen has a preferred method of antigen retrieval such as heat induced epitope retrieval using citrate buffer, as well as an enzymatic retrieval process, but the majority of antigens need alkaline antigen retrieval conditions for truly optimal staining. For this reason, Optibodies are all selected according to the performance in alkaline antigen retrieval.



Antibodies generally have an optimal concentration for use, depending on the affinity of the antibody for its target and expression level of the antigen. Antibodies optimised with tissues expressing high levels of antigen may prove inadequate when staining tissues with low antigen expression. So Optibodies are optimised on a variety of tissue types and antigen expression levels to verify the performance of the Optibody in a range of situations.


Internal and External QC

To ensure the high quality of every Optibody, as well as our own high level of internal quality control, we also take part in external quality assurance programs to ensure our antibodies work optimally in the hands of others too.


Other key criteria

Another key target for each Optibody is specificity and high affinity towards the target. They are also tailored to be flexible and reliable in use, with high consistency between lots and excellent stability.


More information on the full Optibodies range is available below or you can view the optibodies catalogue with examples of staining for each optibody on this link.


Contact us for datasheets and samples.



The Optibodies range is detailed below with more information available by clicking on each link. Samples are available for many items on request, please contact us for more details. 1ml and 100ul sizes are available to order online.


Anti AMACR Antibody

Anti Androgen receptor Antibody

Anti Basal cell cocktail Antibody

Anti BCL2 Antibody

Anti BCL6 Antibody

Anti Beta Catenin Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR121)

Anti Beta Catenin Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS31)

Anti CD10 Antibody

Anti CD11c Antibody

Anti CD14 Antibody

Anti CD2 Antibody

Anti CD20 Antibody

Anti CD22 Antibody

Anti CD23 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS99)

Anti CD23 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS20)

Anti CD31 Antibody

Anti CD34 Antibody

Anti CD38 Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR7)

Anti CD38 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS3)

Anti CD3e Antibody

Anti CD3z Antibody

Anti CD4 Antibody

Anti CD43 Antibody

Anti CD7 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS8)

Anti CD7 Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR9)

Anti CD79a Antibody

Anti CD8 Antibody

Anti CEA Antibody

Anti CK17 Antibody

Anti CK18 (CK-LMW) Antibody

Anti CK19 Antibody

Anti CK20 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS101)

Anti CK20 Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR11)

Anti CK5 (CK-HMW) Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR55)

Anti CK5 (CK-HMW) Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS42)

Anti CK5/CK14 Antibody

Anti CK8 Antibody

Anti Cyclin D1 Antibody

Anti Cytokeratin pan Antibody

Anti Desmin Antibody

Anti E-Cadherin Antibody

Anti Endoglin Antibody

Anti EpCAM Antibody

Anti Glucagon Antibody

Anti Glutamine Synthetase Antibody

Anti Granzyme B Antibody

Anti HER2 Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR44)

Anti HER2 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS24)

Anti Insulin Antibody

Anti Ki67 Antibody

Anti L1CAM Antibody

Anti LEF1 Antibody

Anti Mammaglobin Antibody

Anti MBP Antibody

Anti MCM2 Antibody

Anti Melan A Antibody

Anti MLH1 Antibody

Anti Napsin A Antibody

Anti p53 Antibody

Anti P63 Antibody (rabbit monoclonal BSR6)

Anti p63 Antibody (mouse monoclonal BS63)

Anti PAX5 Antibody - mouse monoclonal (BS11)

Anti PAX5 Antibody - rabbit monoclonal (BSR59)

Anti PD1 Antibody

Anti PDL1 Antibody

Anti PHH3 Antibody

Anti SMA Antibody

Anti Somatostatin Antibody

Anti SOX10 Antibody

Anti SOX2

Anti SYP

Anti Vimentin