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Our extensive plant research range covers many areas from plant and algal cell compartment markers to loading controls, developmental biology, photosynthesis and much more so please use the search box above to find what you are looking for or simply email


Plant science research uses many different experimental organisms such as Arabidopsis, Wheat, Brassicas, Brachypodium, Marchantia, Physcomitrella and many others, and we have antibodies to proteins in all of them. Plus if we have an antibody but it is not tested in your species you may be able to test it for us.


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Free Plant Schemes Download


As a gift for the Plant Community, Agrisera is offering free schemes of the plant cell, PSI, PSII and chosen metabolic pathways for free download and use, prepared by @scigrafik for Agrisera.


New images are going to be added continuously, so keep coming back!

See the download page here.


Agrisera plant schemes

Agrisera turboid2

New TurboID Antibody from Agrisera for Proximity Labelling Studies


The BioID Proximity Labelling technique allows the study of protein-protein interactions in live cells, unicellular organisms, plant and animal models, detecting even weak and transient protein interactions over a period of time.


TurboID, is an enhanced variation that only requires an incubation time of 10 minutes at room temperature. This technique has recently been used in both mammalian cells and plant models and like BioID should also work well in many other cases.


Agrisera has developed a new polyclonal antibody to the TurboID tag (AS20 4440) suitable for Western... Read more.


Arabidopsis Antibodies
Arabidopsis research

Arabidopsis is a member of the Brassicaceae family, which includes cultivated plant species such as cabbage and radish.


Why work on Arabidopsis? Arabidopsis offers a significant advantage as a model organism in plant research due to its small genome and therefore its reduced genetic complexity.


Newmarket Scientific is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of the Agrisera range of antibodies for plant research, which includes more than 700 antibodies reactive to arabidopsis species.


Click here for our full alphabetical listing of more than 700 arabidopsis antibodies.


Agrisera super deal

Agrisera Super Deal


Get a free secondary antibody and chemiluminescent detection reagents when you buy an Agrisera antibody.


The Agrisera Super Deal is available with many Agrisera primary antibodies as detailed on this list.


Simply select your primary antibody from the list and quote "Agrisera Super Deal" on your order to get a matching secondary antibody AND two chemiluminescent detection reagents with different sensitivities.


The Agrisera Super Deal is just £341 and... Read More



Plant Meetings Calendar


After years of supporting many plant conferences, workshops and congresses Agrisera contacted the American Society of Plant Biology about a plant meeting calendar at just the right time and now all plant meetings, congresses, workshops and conferences can be listed on the global Plant Science Events Calendar.


Plant Events


Add your meeting, workshop or symposium, or check what events are coming up!


Agrisera Posters


1: Oxygenic Photosynthesis - 2: Z-scheme - 3: Photosystem II

4: Plant Cell Photosynthesis and Respiration - 5: Rubisco

6: Plant small RNAs: Biogenesis and functions

7: Plant Argonautes: Protein Effectors of Small RNAs


You can download pdfs of our Agrisera plant research posters below, or if you would like to request a full size copy for your lab wall, simply complete the form below and we'll send you a printed copy in the post (don't forget to say which posters).


Agrisera Oxygenic Photosynthesis Poster  Agrisera Z Scheme Poster

Agrisera Photosynthesis and Respiration Poster  Agrisera Rubisco Poster

Agrisera Photosynthesis II Poster  Agrisera Poster - Your Suggestion

Agrisera Poster 7 Plant Argonautes Protein Effectors of Small RNAs 


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