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Histopathology and Immunohistochemistry

Antibodies, stains and detection kits for histopathology and immunohistochemistry (IHC)

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Newmarket Scientific provides reagents used in Histopathology and Immunohistochemistry including: AntibodiesBuffersDetection kitsPAP pensStains and more!


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Optibodies logo UKCA Antibodies from the Nordic Biosite Optibodies range


CE- IVD Antibodies from the Nordic Biosite Optibodies range


You may have been using antibodies in Immunohistochemistry for some time and maybe you are getting good results, but Optibodies from Nordic Biosite are on another level.


In producing the Optibodies range Nordic Biosite ensure that every antibody provides beautifully optimised staining. This is the key aim of the Optibodies range and any antibody that does not perform to this standard simply does not make it in to the range.


Optibody™ optimisation involves a great number of tests in order to find the optimal staining conditions...  read more


GenomeMe UKCA Antibodies from the GenomeMe GeneAb™ range

 CE- IVD Antibodies from the GenomeMe GeneAb™ range 


GenomeMe specialises in Mouse and Rabbit monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic IHC (immunohistochemistry). GenomeMe's GeneAb™ antibodies are developed and manufactured in-house, providing full control over their production and quality control leading to truly consitent antibodies for diagnostic use.


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NS Reagents - Antibodies for Neuroscience


The Newmarket Scientific NS reagents range was launched 3 years ago and now contains more than 100 antibodies with many more in development.


We aim to support the forefront of neuroscience research, continually reviewing the latest publications to identify new and re-emerging neuroscience targets that need new and better antibodies. We have a specific focus on neurodegenerative diseases but cover neuroscience more generally too and we will be adding new focus areas as the range develops further.


Need an antibody to a new protein... Why not get in early while we are very actively developing the range?


View the full NS reagents antibody range.



Ultra Sensitive Immunohistochemistry


Monosan Plus AP Polymer kits are highly sensitive detection kits intended for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC). They can be used in combination with monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies from mouse, rabbit, rat, and guinea pig for the detection of antigens in fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections, frozen tissue sections and cytological samples.


The kits use an enzyme polymer, carrying multiple secondary antibodies, covalently bound to multiple alkaline phosphatase (AP) molecules. An enzyme-substrate reaction then provides the beautifully clear staining.


These kits are low cost and very high quality, making them the perfect kit for all IHC staining - manual or automated.


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