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NGS library prep, PCR, qPCR and RT enzymes and DNA markers

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Our Molecular Biology range includes, DNA Ladders, NGS Library Prep Kits, Nucleic Acid Stains, PCR and qPCR supermixes and cDNA synthesis kits.


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NS Reagents - DNA Markers


100bp DNA Ladder

1Kb DNA Ladder

50bp DNA Ladder


Our DNA ladders offer exceptional quality, whilst also being low cost.


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NS Reagents DNA Ladders


FIREScript Reverse Transcriptase for cDNA synthesis


Fast: 15 minute cDNA synthesis


Stable: Stable at room temp (so "ice-free" set up)


High specificity and Yield


Wide working range: 37-60 degrees C


Available as a cDNA synthesis mix (in a range of primer options) or a cDNA synthesis kit (with buffer and dNTPs in separate tubes).




Request a free sample and read FAQs on cDNA synthesis primer selection.


HOT FIREPol EvaGreen® qPCR Supermix


Solis BioDyne's HOT FIREPol EvaGreen® qPCR Supermix is a truly optimised mastermix that delivers superior performance on any platform. It has everything needed for your reaction. Just add template and primers.


• Based on EvaGreen® chemistry, one of the most sensitive dyes available

• Superior sensitivity on low copy number targets

• UNG treatment capable due to dUTP addition

• Good with GC-rich targets

• Blue visualisation dye for easy pipetting

• Room temp shipping so only £9 for delivery


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