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At Newmarket Scientific we are weird!

Some would say "different"... but we like weird.


We are a supplier of RESEARCH REAGENTS and we are both a DISTRIBUTOR and a MANUFACTURER. We produce the NS Reagents range of antibodies which we sell worldwide through local distributors or directly and we also provide other reagents to our UK and Ireland customers from a number of specially selected reagent partners.


If you are a CUSTOMER we aim to provide you with great reagents that are relevant to your research in a clear and concise way, without the "crap" you get from other suppliers. Let's be honest, most suppliers just send you "spam" emails you rarely read because they are generally not relevant to your work.


We know what is of interest to you (because we actually check) and we only contact you directly with a personal email (not a mass email) that has information relevant to your research. Surely all reagent providers do this right? No, this takes a lot of work! but we make the effort for our customers because our whole ethos is great products AND great service. That's why we say... at Newmarket Scientific we are weird!


If you are a REAGENT MANUFACTURER we are only interested in working with you if you have great products. If your products are not up to scratch then no thank you... we will check! We request samples and have our panel of trusted customers test them before we sign up. That is why we only work with a small number of other manufacturers.


Most distributors have an enormous list of manufacturers they work with. Many have 50 or 100 ranges. Are all these ranges really great? and how much time do they actually spend on each range? If a distributor represents 100 ranges does their team really have enough time to effectively learn and support each one or to find out which researchers they should talk to? Perhaps more likely they are just neglecting the developing ranges in favour of established ones. Just signing up every range but doing nothing with them, meaning that smaller but very cool ranges get no "air time" at all.


If you have great products (don't forget... we really do check!), researchers should know about them, but not all researchers, in some awful, spam email, scatter gun approach that just annoys everyone! Unlike other distributors we specifically connect with researchers working in the right area for your products, so when we contact them it is because we know the products in question are relevant and useful in their work. Our customers then value being informed about new and better products to aid their research because they know we are really talking to them and not just spamming them. Again... surely all reagent providers do this right?  No, this takes a lot of work! but we make the effort because everything we do is about providing great products AND great service. That's why we say... at Newmarket Scientific we are weird!


Our whole ethos is based on making and finding great products and providing equally great service to both customers and manufacturers alike.


Newmarket Scientific - Great Products, Great Service, Guaranteed.


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