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PCR supermixes, secondary antibodies, DNA ladders and other commonly used reagents

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DNA Purification Kits/Spin Columns | DNA Ladders


Our NEW DNA purification kits are now available (see the news item below). The range includes:


NS Reagents DNA Gel Off (DNA purification from agarose gel slices). 

NS Reagents DNA Clean (DNA purification after PCR and other reactions).


PLUS Our molecular biology range also includes some seriously cool DNA ladders (see below)... OK yes, they are just DNA ladders, but they really are cool because they are very stable, have bolder reference bands to make them easier to read, and the price is definitely cool too, so we hope you will like them.


Arrange for them to be in your stores and get 5 vials free!



NS Reagents



If you have questions about any of our products you can contact us using the details on our contact link above.


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5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen® qPCR Supermix


Solis BioDyne's 5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen® qPCR Supermix has a highly optimised buffer, which combined with the EvaGreen dye, delivers a mastermix with superior performance on any platform.


This mix includes everything needed for your reaction. Just add template and primers.


Based on EvaGreen® chemistry, one of the most sensitive dyes available

Superior sensitivity on low copy number targets

• UNG treatment capable due to dUTP addition

• Good with GC-rich targets

• Blue visualisation dye for easy pipetting

• Room temp shipping so only £9 for delivery


 HOT FIREPol PCR Supermix

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Secondary antibodies

Secondary Antibodies


Our range of secondary antibodies includes antibodies to many primary antibody species:


Anti-Human, Anti-Mouse, Anti-Rabbit, Anti-Goat, Anti-Rat, 
Anti-Sheep, Anti-Guinea Pig, Anti-Hamster, Anti-Bovine, 
Anti-Donkey, Anti-Cat, Anti-Dog, Anti-Llama and Anti-Chicken


All secondary antibodies are available as a range of conjugates including Dylight Dyes, HRP, AP, FITC, TRITC and more. 


We can provide quantities from milligrams (mg) right up to grams (g) for bulk antibody requirements.


Follow the link above to select your secondary antibody from a list of options or if you are having difficulty locating it, simply use our contact form or email us at


NS Reagents - DNA Markers



100bp DNA Ladder (Ready-to-Use) (MG17-10001)

1Kb DNA Ladder (Ready-to-Use) (MG17-10002)

50bp DNA Ladder (Ready-to-Use) (MG17-10003)


Our DNA ladders offer exceptional quality, whilst also being low cost. Plus we offer a guarantee and free samples.


More information, pricing and sample request form below.



NS Reagents DNA Ladders



100bp DNA Ladder (Ready-to-Use) (MG17-10001)


Range: 100-1,500 bp (11 Bands)


Quantity: 100 Gel lanes

Includes orange G & xylene cyanol FF tracking dyes.



£30 for 1 vial

or £99 for 5 vials



100bp DNA Marker



1Kb DNA Ladder (Ready-to-Use) (MG17-10002)


Range: 250-10,000 bp (13 Bands)


Quantity: 100 Gel lanes

Includes bromophenol blue tracking dye.



£30 for 1 vial

or £99 for 5 vials



1Kbp DNA Marker



50bp DNA Ladder (Ready-to-Use) (MG17-10003)


Range: 50-1,500 bp (16 Bands)


Quantity: 100 Gel lanes

Includes orange G & xylene cyanol FF tracking dyes



£40 for 1 vial

or £135 for 5 vials



50bp DNA Marker


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ECL Substrates for Western Blotting:


Agrisera ECL Bright and Agrisera ECL SuperBright

ECL Super Bright Comparison

ECL Comparison:

Competitor ECL (A)

Agrisera ECL Bright (B)

(A. thaliana ¦ H. vulgare leaf)


ECL Comparison:

Agrisera ECL Bright (A)

Agrisera ECL SuperBright (B)

(A. thaliana ¦ H. vulgare leaf)














AgriseraECL Bright (10ml trial size, 100ml or 1L)

AgriseraECL SuperBright (10ml trial size, 100ml or 1L)

AgriseraECL Bright Kit (both Bright and SuperBright in one pack) (10ml trial size, 100ml or 1L)