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Antibodies for cancer research and multi drug resistance (MDR)

MONOSAN antibodies are developed both by MONOSAN laboratories in house and in collaboration with universities and research institutes throughout Europe, ensuring that all MONOSAN antibodies are extensively tested.


Monosan has a focus on antibodies and reagents for cancer research, however they cover many areas so please use the search above to find antibodies to your specific target protein, using either the catalogue number or antigen name or email



Monosan Antibodies for Cancer Research


CK 7 Staining

Mouse anti Keratin 7, clone OVTL12/30 


This antibody specifically binds Keratin 7, staining a 54 kD band of cytoskeletal proteins in immunobloting. It binds both human and mouse Keratin 7 and is also a useful histopathology marker for distinguishing between ovarian carcinomas and colon carcinomas in FFPE tissue sections.

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Breast Cancer Drug Resistance Antibodies 


Tumour cell insensitivity to anticancer drugs frequently appears as multidrug resistance (MDR), associated with the overexpression of one or more of a set of at least 10 different molecules, causing reduced drug levels at the intracellular target sites.


These overexpressed molecules include transmembrane transporter proteins such as P glycoprotein, MRP1-9 and BCRP. In addition, the lung-resistance protein, recently identified as the major vault protein, has also been associated with MDR.

Our Monosan monoclonal antibodies specifically recognise these proteins and so can be used to help identify their roles in clinical drug resistance and explore their occurrence in normal human tissues and physiology. 


Here we highlight 4 of our Multi Drug Resistance Antibodies and list all of the available antibodies.


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