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Biosensis c-Fos antibodies

The transcription factor c-Fos remains one of the most important neuronal activity markers. As c-Fos is frequently used in multiple IHC staining, Biosensis offers high a set of quality c-Fos antibodies produced in different hosts to allow staining alongside other antibodies.


Mouse (M-1752-100), rabbit (R-1751-50) and sheep (S-045-50).



c-Fos antibody staining



A: c-Fos expression in serum-starved C6 cells, stimulated by 20% FBS using anti-Mouse c-fos (M-1752-100) and anti-rabbit c-fos (R-1751-50).


B: Detection of c-Fos expression with sheep anti-c-Fos antibody (S-045-50) in rat hypothalamic arcuate nucleus, stimulated by N-methyl-D-aspartate.


C: c-Fos activity (red) detected in mouse hippocampus with rabbit anti-c-Fos (R-1751-50). Green: NF-L-IR.



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