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Biosensis c-Fos antibodies

c-Fos is an immediate early response gene that promotes cell proliferation and differentiation in response to extracellular stimuli, and its dysregulation has been linked to oncogenic progression. As with other FOS family proteins, c-Fos can form heterodimers with JUN family proteins (c-Jun, JunB, JunD) to form the transcription factor activator protein 1 (AP-1). c-Fos, as an AP-1 heterodimer, is regarded as a master switch that converts short-term stimuli into long-term responses.


c-Fos is currently used as a marker of neuronal activity in neurobiology and has been linked to a variety of neural and behavioural responses to acute stimuli expression. In fact, age-related changes in neuronal function and plasticity, as well as a decrease in c-Fos levels, have been observed in various brain regions [PMC4712328,2015].


As c-Fos is frequently used in multiple immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining, Biosensis offers a set of quality c-Fos antibodies produced in different hosts to allow staining alongside other antibodies.


Mouse (M-1752-100), rabbit (R-1751-50) and sheep (S-045-50).



c-Fos antibody staining



A: c-Fos expression in serum-starved C6 cells, stimulated by 20% FBS using anti-Mouse c-fos (M-1752-100) and anti-rabbit c-fos (R-1751-50).


B: Detection of c-Fos expression with sheep anti-c-Fos antibody (S-045-50) in rat hypothalamic arcuate nucleus, stimulated by N-methyl-D-aspartate.


C: c-Fos activity (red) detected in mouse hippocampus with rabbit anti-c-Fos (R-1751-50). Green: NF-L-IR.


Some citations of Biosensis neuroscience antibodies (c-Fos antibodies) in leading journals:

A cell-penetrating scorpion toxin enables mode-specific modulation of TRPA1 and pain: rabbit anti-Fos (IHC; 1:2,000; Biosensis, R-1751–25)

Parallel ascending spinal pathways for affective touch and pain: mouse anti-c-Fos (IHC; 1:1000; M-1752-100, Biosensis)

Genetic identification of vagal sensory neurons that control feeding: mouse anti-cFos antibody (Biosensis; M-1752–100)


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