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Fluoro-Jade C Staining Kit for identifying degenerating neurons


Fluoro-Jade C stains all degenerating neurons regardless of the cause of the damage or the mechanism of cell death. Due to its low background and high resolution it provides high contrast staining, making it ideal for localising degenerating nerve cell bodies as well as distal dendrites, axons and terminals. Fluoro-Jade C is resistant to fading making it compatible with most histological processing and staining protocols.


Fluoro-Jade C (FJC) Ready-to-Dilute Staining Kit  - 40 mL

Fluoro-Jade C (FJC) Ready-to-Dilute Staining Kit (Trial size) - 20 mL

Fluoro-Jade® C POWDER - 30 mg

(This product is equivalent to discontinued product AG325 from Merck-Millipore)


       Staining of cingulated rat cortex exposed to kainic acid stained with Fluoro-Jade C            Staining of degenerating neurons in the CA3 region of the hippocampus in old diabetic rats. Stained with Fluoro-Jade C            Staining of rat hippocampus exposed to kainic acid. Stained with Fluoro-Jade C


Fluoro-Jade® B POWDER - 30 mg

(This product is equivalent to discontinued product AG310 (FJB) from Merck-Millipore)