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NEWS: Purifying microvesicles - Save time with the TFF-MV Concentrator

HansaBioMed’s new concentrator TFF-MV allows the one-step purification of microvesicles from large volume samples from 10mL to several litres.


The filter cartridge is made of polysulfone hollow fibers and can separate different extracellular vesicles (EVs) by size. Water, small molecules and small EVs pass through the hollow fibre pores, only leaving the microvesicles larger than 150 nm retained in the hollow fibre cartridge. The larger microvesicles can then be retrieved with a syringe in PBS buffer and do not require any further purification steps. Smaller EVS can also be recovered from the collection bag used during the process and purified further using for instance size exclusion chromatography columns. TFF-MV is based on tangential flow filtration methodology to prevent the clogging of the membrane of the filter and the concentrator can be reused up to 20 times.



TFF-MV: Separation, puriifcation and concentration of large EVs


TFF-easy and TFF-MV concentrators


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