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CD38 Antibody (Cat No: AB21-10136)


CD38 is a widely expressed 45 kDa transmembrane glycoprotein with a short cytoplasmic tail (aa 1-21), a transmembrane domain (aa 22-42) and an extracellular domain (aa 43-300) [1]. It is a multifunctional ectoenzyme catalysing multiple reactions and also has a role in signal transduction and calcium signaling.


In the brain CD38 is expressed in neurons, astrocytes and microglial cells and expression was found to increase under neuroinflammatory conditions indicating that it may have a role in the regulation of neuroinflammation. In Alzheimer’s disease, CD38 immunoreactivity is seen in intracellular tangles and neuropil threads [2].



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 CD38 antibody (AB21-10136) 1-200 in IHC of Rat Brain


  CD38 Antibody (Cat No: AB21-10136)


  Tissue: Rat Brain


  Technique: IHC


  Primary Ab dilution: 1:200





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