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ImmunoStar 20086 100 uL £323.00
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Product Detail: SP-1 Chromogranin A (Porcine) Antibody
Background Info: Raised to native porcine chromogranin.
Product Type: Antibody - Antibodies
Antibody Type: polyclonal
Format: Lyophilised
Host Animal: Rabbit
Species Reactivity: Buffalo, Chicken, Cow, Dolphin, Gerbil, Human, Manis Javanica (Sunda Pangolin), Mouse, Pig, Ram (Sheep), Rat, Sea Lion
Immunogen: porcine Chromogranin A
Applications: Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry
Additional Info: The antibody has a proven strong immunofluorescent staining at a 1/200-1/400 dilution, and a 4+ Biotin-Streptavidin/HRP staining at a 1/500-1/1000 dilution, in rat adrenal medulla and rat stomach.
Gene Symbol: CHGA
NCBI Gene Aliases: CG
PubMed IDs: 3244555, 2893508, 2856552, 2510797, 2510774, 2472031, 1981998, 1595196, 25774135, 25887251
Product category: Cancer, Cell Cycle, Hypoxia, Obesity, Parathyroid, Stem Cell, Transcription Factor, Tumor Markers